Sunday, March 13, 2011


We have been collecting things to take back to Zambia with us for the last several months.  On March 11th a crating company came and packed it all up for us into a crate.  They will then ship it to us in Zambia.  We only have a certain amount of space that we can fill.  When it is all spread out like this it is hard to tell if it will all fit or not.  It was a little better organized over in the corner before we started stuffing things in every little box.  Then we got a little disorganized. 
Kevin on crating day!
All of our things are in that box except for those few things that are out.  They will put those things in from the top when they get to their warehouse before they put the top on and seal it.  We are so thankful for the two men that came and did all that work.  This was the least stressful time of packing our crate ever!
Good-bye to all of our stuff.  We'll see you in Zambia in a few months!(hopefully)

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