Friday, August 12, 2011

"God bless the missionaries"-Is this your prayer?

We appreciate so much all of you who pray for us on a regular basis.  Below is something that a friend of mine got from David Platt on how to pray for missionaries.  Sometimes we don't exactly know what to pray so we just pray, "God bless the missionaries."  Here are some specific prayer requests and scriptures to pray for us and other missionaries all over the world.

  • Pray that they would be confident in God's Word. (Acts 13:4-6)
  • Pray that they would be filled with God's Spirit. (Acts 13:7-9)
  • Pray for their victory in spiritual warfare. (Acts 13:9-12)
  • Pray for their success in gospel witness. (Acts 13:12)
  • Pray for peace with other believers, in their homes, and marriages. (Acts 13:13)
  • Pray for favor with unbelievers that they would be open to the gospel. (Acts 13:14-15)
  • Pray that the gospel will be clear through them (Acts 13:16-48)
  • Pray that God will open hearts around them. (Acts 13:48)
  • Pray for their joy in the midst of suffering. (Acts 13:49-52)
  • Pray for their kindness in the midst of slander. (Acts 14:1-2, Matthew 10:22)
  • Pray for supernatural power to accompany them. (Acts 14:3)
  • Pray for Christlike humility to characterize them. (Acts 14:4-18)
  • Pray for their patience. (Acts 14:18)
  • Pray for their perseverance (Acts 14:19-20)
  • Pray that God would use them to make many disciples. (Acts 14:21-23)
  • Pray that God would use them to multiply churches.
    • Churches filled with people who know the Word of God. (Acts 14:22)
    • Churches led by pastors who teach the Word of God. (Acts 14:23)

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