Tuesday, August 2, 2011


 This week we have the privilege of having Greg Queen and his daughter Meredith visiting with us.  Greg is the connector for our affinity group.  He connects churches in the states with missionaries and people groups in Africa.  After a church prayerfully chooses a people group to adopt he trains them to come and serve among those people.  He is visiting this week to get to know some of the missionaries in Zambia and hear about the work that they do.  This past Saturday Kevin was invited to go to an associational meeting in Chongwe and speak on stewardship so we took them along with us.  It was so good to be back in Chongwe for  a little while and be reunited with some of our closest friends.  We were able to catch up with many of them since we had not seen some of them in over a year.  It is neat to see how much God has been working in their lives.  We are truly blessed to serve here in Zambia.

 Amai Mwachamota preparing lunch-nshima, chicken, and cabbage.

 During a short break a few of the women went to draw water and bring it back for lunch.

 Hannah and Meredith out walking waiting for the service to start.

Romans 12:10 LB “Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.” 
I love these ladies!  Amai Mwachamota and Betty Chipboa are some of my dearest and best friends.  They have taught me so much about zambian culture and humility.  I have known them the whole time we have been in Zambia.  I miss working with them since we are now in Lusaka and they are in Chongwe.  It was so good to see them on Saturday and catch up.

 Kevin and Greg talking during the break.

 Kevin teaching

We were also invited to stay and have lunch.  We couldn't turn down this chance to eat some delicious food!  Greg and his family served in West Africa for several years.  This was their first time to have Zambian food.  They seemed to like it!
Pray for Kevin, Greg, and Meredith as they are traveling this week in the Southern part of Zambia meeting our missionaries serving among the Tonga people.  

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