Saturday, August 20, 2011

School in three different countries!

Hannah has just completed her first week of 5th grade.  She started last Monday with lesson 1.  At the beginning of the year it seems so overwhelming to think you have the whole year ahead of you still to go.  Pray that Hannah would continue to grow in wisdom and stature this year.  Pray for me as I home school Hannah to be a good teacher, to be patient, and loving as I guide her learning.

Justin will be going back to Rift Valley Academy in Kenya on the 29th of Aug. to begin a new year of school.  Pray for him this week as he prepares for that and for all of us as we have to say bye to him for a few months.

Zach is back at Liberty to begin his sophmore year.  He begins classes this Monday.  Please pray for him as he gets back into the swing of school to do well in all his work.  

For all of our children pray that they will grow in their relationship with Jesus, that they will be men and a young lady of integrity, that they will be pure in their heart, minds, and bodies, and most of all that they will be a witness for God where ever they are and in whatever they are doing.

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