Saturday, September 10, 2011

Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After

 Kevin and I met the first day of our freshman year at UNC-Wilmington at a party. I was dating someone else at the time so we just became friends.  Knowing that I was in a long distance relationship, Kevin decided to stick close because he figured it wouldn't work out.  After a few months his theory came true.  In Feb. of our freshman year we started dating. I was a carnal Christian and Kevin was not even a Christan at that time.  I became friends with a girl named Kim Freeman(below) who most definitely was a Christian.  I could tell that her life and my life were not too similar.  She invited me to a Campus Crusade for Christ meeting and I went.  Everyone was different and seemed to have something that I didn't.  I ended up going to Daytona Beach Florida for spring break with CCC.  While I was there I realized why I was different from most of my friends.  They all were walking with the Lord and had a strong relationship with Him.  I had prayed to receive Christ when I was 16 but I was trying to be in control of my life at this point and not allowing God to be in control.  It's like I was putting God in a box and just getting Him out when I needed something.  I rededicated my life to the Lord at this time.  When I got back to school I broke up with Kevin since he was not a christian and I knew that I wanted to follow Christ.  He could tell I had changed and wanted to know what had happened.  I shared the four spiritual laws with him(tract) and a few days later he prayed to receive Christ.  We stayed broke up for a couple of months and then got back together after I felt sure he was not just doing it to get me back.  We dated throughout our four years of college and then got married Sept. 10th 1988. 
Growing up I was like most girls dreaming of my prince charming sweeping me off my feet and us living happily ever after.  Never would I have imagined 23 years ago what my happily ever after would look like-in the ministry, Kevin pastoring, having 3 wonderful children, and then being a missionary in Africa!.  That is just like God though!  I'm glad that I didn't know 23 years ago what my life would look like.  Perhaps that would have been too boring.  Instead, I have been on an incredible adventure with the man I love!  I'm thankful to God for bringing us together and keeping us together throughout all these years.  Of course, our life has not been without difficulties, no life is, I'm just thankful for a loving, faithful God who helps us when we need it most.

Below are some pictures of our wedding day.  Hope you enjoy!

 My bridesmaids-Kelly, Angie S., me, Angie-my sister, Kim, and Eileen

 Kevin's ushers and our dads-Grady, Todd P., my dad, me and Kevin, Kevin's dad, Todd B., and Ray.
We are so thankful for great friends and family that came out to support us on this special day.

 As we were waiting to go in my sister realized she did not have Kevin's wedding ring.  There was a moment of panic but then we found it on the train of my dress.  The music started and then we started the processional.  I love this picture of me and my daddy!

They kissed and lived happily ever after.....

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Congratulations and ALL BLESSINGS!!

Cara said...

God writes the best love stories. He did great putting you two lovely people together. :D