Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mbala, Zambia

This past week we traveled to the Northern province of Zambia to visit two different missionary families in that area.  These families live very far from the capital city of Lusaka.  On the first day we traveled about 4 1/2 hours to Mkushi and stopped at a lodge but there were no rooms available except a drivers room which was about 6 ft. by 10 ft. with just two single beds in it.  We were going to just take it since it was already 6:00pm but when Kevin called one of our friends they told us about another lodge 15 min. down the road.  We called to see if there was room there and there was so we left and went to Loza lodge for the night.  The next day we drove about 8-9 hours to get to Mbala where we visited with the Schwarz family.  Sorry, I didn't get a pic. of the whole family together.  One day we went to a museum which was pretty nice and Kevin went out with Steve to see some of his work, meet some of the people there, and to witness.  The next day we went to a water fall not to far from their home and celebrated Steve's birthday.  Below, are some pics. from the trip.

 It's not Victoria Falls but it sure was beautiful.  Kalambo Falls is the second highest waterfall in all of Africa. Isn't it amazing?

 Heather, Lane, Hannah, and Seth
Hannah had so much fun having some kids to play with.  The Schwarz family has 4 children but Tobias, their oldest son, didn't come with us this day.

 Across from where we were was Tanzania, this man was washing a shirt in the water.

 Lane, Hannah, and Seth

 These next few pics. Kevin took from the Tanzania side.  Kevin decided to wade through the water to get to the other side since the Kalambo river was so low and he could safely cross.

 This is right where the waterfall goes over the edge!  If one of these kids had fallen off the rock they were sitting on, well, let's not think about that!

 me and kevin

 Steve, Lane, Seth, and Heather

Steve celebrated a birthday while we were there.  Rita made choc. cake with a peanut butter icing and also some homemade ice cream!  Yum!  So glad we got to be there to help celebrate with the Schaffer family also who serve in Mbala.

Please pray for the Schwarz family as they serve in Mbala, Zambia and try to start churches.  They have been in Zambia for just a couple of years and are still trying to learn Bemba in addition to starting churches.  Rita homeschools the four children which takes most of her day as you can imagine.  Pray for them as they develop relationships with  nationals and as they seek where God is working so they can get in on what He is doing in Mbala.

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