Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kaputa, Zambia

 After we left Mbala we traveled to Kaputa, Zambia.  From Mbala we drove 8-9 hours to get to Kaputa.  The first hour was on paved road and the rest was all on dirt road with lots of pot holes.  We drove through Mporokoso and stopped on the side of the road and ate a sandwich Rita had made for us.  We also drove through the market area and visited with a man named Borniface who is a baptist leader there.  We have a request for a missionary to come there and serve in Mporokoso so it was good for us to see it.  We finally arrived in Kaputa late in the afternoon to visit with the Adair family.  They have been living in Kaputa for 5 years.  They live the most far out of any of our missionaries in Zambia.  It takes them a full two days of driving to get to Kaputa from the capital city. 

 I took this picture because out in this area most people paint some kind of design on their huts which is a lot different than in other parts of Zambia which we have been to.  
One of the things I love best about Kevin's new job is going to visit other missionaries and seeing where they live, meeting the people they work with, and learning more about culture and life where they live.

 James was walking over to this hut before church on Sunday.  We were able to go to church with the Adair family which met in a small school room.  James preached in Bemba which is the language they speak in the Northern province.  

 James, Mary Margaret, Hutch, and Lulie and one is on the way in October.

 It was much warmer in Kaputa than in Lusaka so we spent a lot of time outside in the shade.  
Lulie was watching a baby gecko in the above pic.
Their well pump broke as soon as we got there so we had very limited water.  James and Kevin spent a lot of time working on the well and by the grace of God it began pumping water again the night before we left.

 I love this picture of Hutch looking up to Hannah.

 Hutch decided to sit in his block container and then wanted me to take a pic. of him.  He is so cute!

Hutch took this pic. of me and Lulie on their back porch.
We had a great time visiting with the Adairs and seeing where they live.  Please pray for the Adair family this next month as Mary Margaret and the kids fly to South Africa in a couple of weeks as they await this new little baby that will come in Oct.  James will join them there in a few weeks.  
Also, pray for them as they live in this far out place away from other Americans and in a difficult area.  Their closest grocery store is 8 hours away!  There are many Jehovah Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventist in their area, both cults, which make it hard to work and start churches.  By the grace of God a few churches have been started in Kaputa.  Please pray for these churches to continue to grow and to be a light in such darkness.

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