Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A fun day for the kids!

 Today, Janet L. taught the kids how to make play dough.  They took turns adding the ingredients.

 Then they heated it over the fire.  They added food coloring to make it purple.  The kids will play with it for the next couple of weeks!

 Then Estnart came and showed the children how to make nshima.  This is the food that Zambians eat with most meals.

 Just for fun we added some blue food coloring to the nshima.  

 Janet and Estnart served some up for those who wanted to taste it.

 It tasted great just like nshima normally does.  It just had a blue tint to it.  The kitchen staff said they wouldn't taste it but they did.  They were surprised to see that it tasted the same.

The parents all ate out in Lusaka with their helpers today so the kids watched the movie Tangled and ate pizza.  

 After lunch several of the classes went to visit a taxidermist. The kids enjoyed seeing this process.  
This is a lot of the group minus the babies and the 3-4 year old class.

 Anna Grace came back this time to help in the school.  Good thing this wasn't real!


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