Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sharing the Light with Youth and Children

 This week we have a volunteer team here from our home church in NC.  Some of them were here last July too.  From left to right: Lindsay, Eric, Teresa, Krista, Beth, David, and Pastor Bryan.
They are here to work with youth in Lusaka in the Chipata Compound area.  They have been doing such a great job.  Each day they are in a different location working with two churches each time.  In the mornings they are having a devotion and then splitting the girls and boys into two different groups.  In those groups they are talking about purity, peer pressure, and how to grow in their relationship with Christ.  After lunch they are meeting with just the youth leaders and children's workers and doing training with them.
Hope you enjoy the pics. below.  I thought I better go ahead and put some on here because the week isn't even up yet and I already have a lot.
Please continue to pray for this team and the work they are doing.  They will be flying back to the USA on Monday.

David sharing a devotion.

 I was teaching a group of kids the song, Father Abraham.  They enjoyed doing all the motions.

On this day we ended up having like 150 kids show up.  The team is mainly here to work with youth so I took a group and Krista took a group.  We told them bible stories and then played games with them.  We also sang a few songs together.
 a small game of soccer

 the youth meeting

 Krista with her group.  

 Some girls playing netball.

 teaching the youth


 Teresa with Doris-one of the youth

 some of the women at the church fixed our lunch

 Paul-he was my buddy during the day

 Teresa and David outside of Chimwemwe Baptist Church

 going through the compound

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