Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Last Pics. from Team

 I kept forgetting to add these last pics. to my blog.  Hope you enjoy!
We are so thankful for the Highland team for coming to serve in Zambia!  They did such a great job and were a blessing to so many!

 David and Beth talking to the pastor at Holy Cross Baptist Church.

 This is one of the churches which the team went to visit and work at.

 The very last day we went to Protea Lodge for a afternoon of relaxation and fun.  
The lions were behind a fence but we were still very close to them.

 We got to watch the man feed the lions  a couple of chickens.

 Lindsay and Eric rode 4 wheelers and looked for animals.

 Hannah braved the cold water in the pool for a little while.

 going on a safari

Look how close Justin got to this animal.

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