Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 4- Beijing, China

When Steve Hamilton* was diagnosed with prostate cancer just before he and his wife, Lisa,* were to go as Christian workers to Beijing, China, some friends took it as a sign.
“Of course people [said], ‘I guess you are not supposed to be going overseas,’” Steve recalls.  “And I said, ‘No, I think I am just getting a tune-up here.’” The illness caused a year’s delay, but it didn’t deter the middle-aged couple from going where God wanted them to serve.
While most of those in their generation were deciding where to travel or settle for their golden years, Steve and Lisa saw a golden opportunity. During an overseas visit with friends who serve among a people group in another part of China, the Hamiltons opened their hearts to the idea of sharing Jesus Christ in China as well. “Every day we just saw the Lord doing things. So halfway through the trip we said we ought to check this out,” Steve says.
And God has used them from the start. Before they even acquired language skills, God brought young people into their paths. All of these had come to Beijing from other provinces looking for employment opportunities yet finding Christ through the Hamiltons’ desire to be His hands, His heart and His voice in Beijing.
Thank God for Steve and Lisa and other workers like them who obediently go despite illness, delays and discouragement.
Pray for divine appointments, good health and acquisition of the Mandarin language for Steve and Lisa.
Beijing is the focus of International Mission Study 2012 by Woman’s Missionary Union. Visit
*Names changed.

 A worshipper at Lama Temple in Beijing goes through the motions. Students sometimes come to the centuries-old Buddhist temple before exams, hoping their offerings might lead to successful test results. Christian workers are working to reach young people. 

this was taken from the imb website

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