Saturday, December 1, 2012

World AIDS Day-What's happening in Zambia

 One reason many Christians aren't fighting HIV/AIDS is that they haven't seen the innocent suffering it causes.  Regardless of how the pandemic got started, despite the fact that many people are suffering because of their own sinfulness, vast multitudes of people are sick and dying through no fault of their own.  People are dying because a spouse brought the virus home.  Girls are infected because they were raped by men who believed AIDS can be cured by having sex with a virgin.  Babies are sick because they were born to someone infected with the virus.  Today is World AIDS Day.  Please don't close your eyes and try to block out that these people exist.  They are very real and in much need of a Savior.  Below are some pictures of some of my new friends living with this disease in the compound.

This man is named Gilbert and is HIV positive.
  Some friends of mine serving in Kafue joined  up with me on this day and gave out
blankets to these patients as I gave out BGR buckets.

  Phyllis Kalumba is 70 years old and has had a stroke.  She also has diabetes.

Here Phyllis is with her bucket and blanket.

Ezekiel is 40 years old.  He is HIV Positive and has TB.  His brother Shadrach
 is his caregiver in the home.

Anthony is 38 years old.  He is HIV positive and has TB.   



    Prisca Phiri is 22 years old and is HIV positive.  She was recently released from the hospital under the care of her uncle and aunt.  Prisca hasn’t eaten or had anything to drink to speak of since her release from the hospital.  Evidently, she has sores in her throat.  She is very weak and her body aches all over.  She lies on the floor all day and sleeps.  She was so out of it that she barely responded to me praying for her.

 Christopher is 16 years old and in the 9th grade.  He has had major leg infection on both lower legs for at least one month.  He has recently recovered from a very bad case of malaria after which, the leg sores appeared.  He told us that since he has been sick he hasn’t had the opportunity to study properly for his exams.  Therefore, he will have to wait until next year to write grade 9 exams. 

 Jimmy is an older man that lives with his wife and some extended family.  Jimmy is the brother of one of the needs care givers.  Jimmy had a major stroke in 2009 and has many complications associated with his stroke.  Some of which are breathing & heart issues, stomach swelling, and back cramps.  He is able to walk a little bit, however it takes a lot of effort to do so.  He has had certain deformities since birth that further his health issues.

praying for Jimmy and his family

 Here I am with a couple of the care givers I work with, Esther and Susan.  These care givers are doing a tremendous job in this compound.  Please pray for them as they reach out and help these people who are suffering with HIV, TB, cancer, and other sicknesses. 
 Several people I have gone to visit over the last few months have already died.  It always is hard to hear such news as you can imagine.  It only takes one visit with these sweet people for them to have a special place in my heart.  

A mind-boggling 33.2 million people worldwide are living with HIV/AIDS. Every minute a child dies because of HIV/AIDS.  We’re very sure Jesus expects his people to care about these people the way he cares about them.  Praying for those who are sick is very important and if you would like to do more I would encourage you to see what Baptist Global Response is doing  to help.  You can visit:

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