Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 6- Songhai of West Africa

  Ibrahim is a Songhai man who used to practice folk Islam. Now Ibrahim is a dedicated follower of Jesus Christ and often faces severe persecution for his faith.

When Ibrahim’s wife died, the community refused to bury her. She was a Christian and, like Ibrahim and other believers, faced daily persecution from Muslim neighbors. “We’ll treat your wife like we would a dog or a donkey — she’s just an animal that should rot,” they told Ibrahim.
The Songhai people are primarily Muslim but have many beliefs rooted in animism. IMB missionaries and volunteers share the Gospel with villagers and disciple the few Songhai who have placed their faith in Jesus. Despite the persecution, missionaries have witnessed great zeal and dedication in the Songhai church.
Determined to bury his wife, Ibrahim began digging her grave as Muslim villagers yelled insults at him. When his Christian brothers heard what he was doing, they came immediately to help. That day was a turning point for the Songhai believers. One of Ibrahim’s close friends, Boubacar,said he greatly admired Ibrahim’s loyalty to Christ that day. That day, the believers showed the inspiring power of a true family of Christ.
The Songhai church is small but full of dedicated members who cling to the Gospel. Thank you for being faithful to send workers through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering — workers who disciple leaders like Ibrahim and Boubacar.
Pray for the doors to open — for more U.S. churches, volunteers and national partners to take the Gospel into places it’s never been. There are still many Songhai villages waiting to hear the message of Christ.

taken from the imb website 


 The few Christians in this small Songhai village face persecution on a daily basis from their Islamic neighbors. This has not stopped them from meeting together to share God's Word and pray for one 



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