Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Answered Prayer

 Last Thursday I took one of our volunteers, Jeannie, out in the compound to visit a patient and give them a BGR bucket.  Esther and Itai, who are caregivers in this compound, went with  us.
Above: Jeannie, Esther, and Itai

 Amai Banda pays 80 kwacha/month to rent this room which is only about 5 ft by 8 ft.  She stays here with her sister who tries to take care of Amai Banda but she has to go for work each day leaving her behind to fend for herself.  Amai Banda is HIV positive and has not yet started her ARV's.  She has to go to a clinic first and do some testing before she can start.  She was complaining of headache, body/joint aches, and hunger when we went to visit her. We gave her the BGR bucket and explained the things in the bucket.  Since she can't walk she can't get up to fix food for herself during the day.

 She seemed to be a bit dehydrated so I showed her how to use the carmax for her lips.

 She was happy to receive these things even though she didn't smile.  

After giving her the bucket I shared my testimony and the gospel with her.  I found out that she was a Jehovah's Witness.  When I asked her if she wanted to receive Christ she said she just felt so bad could I please come back another time and finish talking.  So we prayed for her and left.  
Yesterday, I was able to go back and take some mealie meal and Kapenta for her.  She was still lying in the same bed as before but this time she had the nice new sheet on top of her which was in the bucket.  That made me smile!  However, she was still in a lot of discomfort just like she was last Thursday.  I was worried she would not want to continue our conversation.  When I brought it up again she said she was willing to talk some more.  I shared the gospel again and talked about how this decision was not to be taken lightly and that it was the most important decision she would ever make.  I asked if she would like to pray and ask Jesus into her heart and she said yes!  It was such a sweet few minutes as she prayed and asked God to forgive her of her sins!  Please continue to pray for Amai Banda.  She will not feel better until she gets on ARV's.  She can't walk, so getting to the clinic will be a problem unless you have a friend with a truck. :) Hoping I can be a blessing to her later this week by taking her to the clinic.

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Jeannie Mangum said...

Crying as I look at this picture and praising God at the same time for her decision. I am so glad that you were able to go back. What a great ministry these buckets are to get in to see patients to share the gospel with them and meet their physical needs. So happy for her.