Sunday, June 23, 2013

Feeding over 500!

 Jeannie stayed behind in Lusaka with us while the rest of the team went to Livingston.  Thursday morning we went to Needs Care School in Ng'ombe compound and helped serve the kids their porridge.  This community school provides porridge for over 500 kids each day.  For some it is the only meal they will receive all day.  You'll also see kids only eating a bit and then saving the rest to take home to share with their family. 


 There were two big pots of porridge.  Jeannie is adding a whole bag of sugar in it.

 We took turns stirring.  It is very tiresome to stir such a big pot!

 Some of the kids watching and waiting.


 The kids from one grade form a line.  After they get their food another class comes out to get theirs.

 They get one full cup of porridge.

 I have helped with this in the past and noticed that some of the kids ate with rulers or pencils.  This time they all had plastic spoons which they collect and wash for the next time.  

 Also, at the school there are two ladies busy making uniforms for the students.  This woman can make a sweater so fast!

This one is making the shirts.

 While we were taking a tour of the school and clinic Hannah was being followed around by several kids.  She stopped to play a game with them.

 Jeannie and my friend Esther

 Cleaning the pots take some time!

 It was such a joy to take Jeannie out for two days!

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