Sunday, January 18, 2015


 For the last couple of weeks we have been helping with 20/20 here in Zambia.  This is a shortened version of 40/40 that we used to do.  20/20 is supposed to be done in the country where the missionaries will serve but we decided that for at least our first one we would do it for our cluster here in Zambia.  So these missionaries who came are all new to Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique.
It was so nice to get to know this first group of participants!

 While we were in Lusaka we had help with the kids.  Langiwe and Irene have been nannies for us before in 40/40.  They did  a great job with the kids.

 Jessica had a birthday so we had pizza and cake to celebrate one night.

 One of the debriefings we had at our house.  
Taylor on the swing!

 The kids enjoyed the trampoline!

 Buddy and his mommy, Jessica.

 Hudson and Lily

  Late afternoons and some evenings we played games.


 Hudson and his mommy, Lily.

 While in Petauke, this is where we ate 3 meals/day just about every day.  We did slip off to another lodge down the street twice for a change of pace.  

 Kevin and Jeff

While we were in Petauke we didn't have nannies.  Me, Hannah, and Hadassah took care of the kids.
Piper was my buddy this week!

 Hannah and Hudson

 Hadassah and Buddy

 I was able to take Piper to the market and watch this lady make fritas.  We also all enjoyed eating them!

 My friend Zeria who works in the market in Petauke.
It was so good to see her even if just for a few min.

 Hadassah and Buddy

 Hannah and Hudson

 Our whole 20/20 group! (minus Jeff-he was taking the picture)

The Veres Family
 The Wolf Family

 Hannah and Hadassah enjoyed spending time with Evie and Cathy-journeygirls in Moz. this week.  This picture is with Evie.

I love this picture!

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