Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Good News!

I talked with Esther this morning about Amai Ngoma's  situation.  Hospice came in to check out the situation and they said they would take her.  When other family members were talked to about this at first they said it was fine.  Then they changed their mind and said it was their responsibility and they would take her in to their home and care for her.  They live in another compound here in Lusaka.  So now Amai Ngoma is out of her home where the drunk relatives were not taking care of her.  That is such a huge praise! The only problem is that now the family members who said they would take care of her are asking for financial help from the palliative care givers.  I'm just thankful that Amai Ngoma is out of that situation now!  I'll try to go visit her in this other compound in a couple of weeks.  We are busy with another program now.  Thanks so much to all who have prayed for this sweet Zambian lady!

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