Saturday, January 3, 2015

The story continues....

Sorry I have not updated sooner but sometimes I just can't write about things right away because it is too fresh.  Each day this week something came up preventing us from going back to see Amai Ngoma.  Finally, on Friday it worked out for us to go.  When we arrived we found Amai Ngoma still naked but at least she had a blanket on her.  As soon as we walked in the house we noticed the smell was gone.  Evidently, the church that Amai Ngoma had gone to when she was able found out that she was sick and they came by and cleaned her room.  Then Friday morning they had been back and brought her some food and took her soiled clothes to wash them.  We heard that her niece and nephew had shouted at the church members and told them not to come back.  They didn't want their help unless they were going to help them too(They just brought food for the patient). They also complained saying that when Amai Ngoma went to church she gave money each week and they wanted to know where that money was now.  While we were there they started shouting at us as well telling us to not come back either unless we were going to give them some cement to fix the crack in the wall.  Amai Ngoma started vomiting, her relatives were shouting, so the caregivers said we needed to leave.  We talked about going to the police but the head caregiver recommended that we not because they really couldn't do anything.  So the plan is the care giver will get food from the school each day and take to Amai Ngoma only starting on Monday.  Esther, the head caregiver, had already contacted someone from Gender Based Violence on Wed. but because of the holiday nothing can be done until this coming week.  She will also check in to a hospice care in a nearby compound.  Please continue to pray for Amai Ngoma especially this weekend.  I know how sometimes these things that need to be done take time and time is something she doesn't have if the family continues to not care for her.

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