Saturday, June 6, 2015

A couple of days at the Lake

 This week we went to Lake Kariba for a couple of days.  

 We stayed on this houseboat with another family who is serving in Siavonga.  

 left to right:  Anna, Emily, Taylor, and Hannah

 We stopped out in the middle of the lake and the kids jumped off in to the water and swam in this little drop down pool.  

 Justin jumping from the top of the boat.

 The kids sitting out on the smaller boat that was pulled along with the houseboat.

 We saw several people out on the lake.

 playing the cup game

 hippo tracks on the island where we docked for the night
Wish I had seen a hippo!

 The sunset was beautiful!

 Hannah and Emily

 This is the cottage we stayed in the second night.  We enjoyed going on a hike and climbing on the rocks along the shore.

We had a great time at Lake Kariba!

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