Thursday, June 25, 2015

Chobe Safari by land

 After our river cruise our guide took us to Chobe Safari Lodge for a buffet lunch.
It was very good.
Then we got in a safari truck and took off to see animals.  We saw so many different animals but unfortunately we did not see any lions.  


 I loved seeing different animals all together.

 Looks like this one enjoyed a nice mud bath!

 We saw so many elephant on this day. It was so cool to watch about 100 elephants cross the river and come out right in front of our truck!

 cute little baby elephant

 The hippos were being lazy but their little one was moving around some.  

 here is a video of some of the zebra we saw

 It almost looks like a mirrored image.

 I loved seeing how they bent over to drink water.

After our safari our guide took us back to the ferry where we crossed back over to Zambia.  It was a great day!!

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