Friday, May 19, 2017

Hand Woven Rugs for Mothers Day

Two weeks before we left Kenya I heard about a place that made hand woven wool rugs.  I went and loved seeing these men and women weaving these rugs.  They were so fast!  I picked out some colors and chose a design and had two made.  I had one made for my Mom and one for Kevin's Mom for Mother's Day. They got the sheeps wool and dyed it the colors I wanted. Then after it dried they started weaving the rugs.

 This is Phyllis who is making my mom's rug.


 This is Necate who made Kevin's mothers rug.


I got them just a few days before we left so I rolled them up and stuck them in a suitcase.

 They both really liked them!

We have two special mothers and I'm so glad we were able to see them both this weekend!

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