Monday, May 22, 2017

Justin Graduates!

 May 13th the class of 2017 graduated from Liberty University.  It was an exciting day for our family because our middle son, Justin, was in that graduating class.  Because President Trump was going to be there the security was increased.  This meant that the traffic was pretty bad as well.  As we were waiting in this long line of traffic we could tell that we would never get a seat if we didn't get out and walk ahead to reserve seats.  So, me and Megan got out and walked to the stadium.  We found a place where we could reserve 10 seats but all around us filled up fast.  There was only one person who gave us a hard time and sat down anyway.  Eventually, everyone got there.  They had been delayed on the bridge for about 30 min as they were walking across because the motorcade was going across. 
Thankfully, the rain stopped and the sun eventually came out and it was a beautiful day! 

 So thankful for family and friends who could come and celebrate with us!

 There were record numbers in the stadium that day.  I don't think there was an empty seat and people were even sitting on the grass.  

 President Trump was the commencement speaker.  It was real exciting to hear a President speak in person.

graduating class of 2017

After the commencement was over we all dispersed to different parts of the campus for the graduates to receive their diploma.  Justin's group was in the new indoor track center.  

 He got there before it began so he was able to visit a little and give out hugs.


 By the time it was all over we got back to Zach's apartment around 3:30.  We had a late lunch and he opened some presents before visitors needed to get on the road again.  We really appreciate all who came!

 We enjoyed barbeque, slaw, potato salad, bread and greeen beans.

It was a great day!

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