Sunday, September 16, 2007

Celebrating 19 years of Marriage in Malindi

After taking Zach to school in Kenya we boarded a plane with some friends of ours, Daren and Shawna Davis, to the coast of Kenya. We were there for 3 nights and 4 days and had a wonderful time. Daren and Shawna had just dropped off their son, Micah, at RVA also. It was good for us to get away together in a place away from home and be able to share all that we were going through. While we were sad about leaving the boys behind we were able to do some fun things to help keep our mind off of it a little. We were able to go snorkeling, have a massage or two, ride a camel on the beach, and play cards(Phase 10) each night. We stayed at a place called Turtle Bay and the food and drinks were all inclusive. We were able to sit out on the beach and have them bring us as many coke lights as we wanted. The food was fabulous, especially the daily 4:00pm crepes which we never missed. This was definitly a great place to celebrate our Anniversary.
This is me and Kevin in front of our room.

These are some dear friends of ours, Darren and Shawna Davis

Me and Shawna on a camel along the shores of the Indian Ocean

Preparing to snorkel

Kevin went under the bottom of the glass bottom boat for this shot!

The turtle bay hotel pool

The hotel gets its name from this turtle shaped rock out in the bay

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Helgrenfam said...

Hey! The blog looks good! Keep it up! Now I want to visit Malindi! Not in the near future with 3 kids though!!!