Saturday, September 22, 2007

Our Annual Mission Meeting

Every year we have a meeting with all the Missionaries that are serving in Zambia. It is a time that we can come together for training and fellowship. This year Dr. Frank Page came and did our Bible Study time and he did an excellent job. There was also a team that came from his church that did Vacation Bible School for all of our children. It was such a blessing to know that our children were being taken care of while we were in meetings. For the last several years we have been having our meeting at Lake Kariba. It is a beautiful place to reflect on the past year and begin to look forward to the next.

Me and Kevin with Dr. Frank Page and his wife Dayle.

Hannah and Peyton enjoying the afternoon at the pool.

Some of our MK's(missionary kids) playing cards while we are cruising Lake Kariba.

This is the Eastern Harvest Team minus the Mitchell family.

Justin and Micah out on a paddle boat.
Zach had the opportunity to help lead worship during our meeting.

Justin had the opportunity to drive the big boat around Lake Kariba.

Micah, Justin, and Zach jumped from the top of the boat into the lake. This is them after they got out of the water. It is a good thing a hippo or a croc. didn't get them.

Left to right: Shawna Davis, Sky Scott, and Suzie enjoying the boat ride.

This is our family!

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Cindy said...

Love the pictures...especially the one of you, Shawna, and Sky. It's my family!