Saturday, September 15, 2007

Zach is off to boarding school.

Our oldest son, Zach, went to boarding school in Kenya Aug. 25th. The name of the school is Rift Valley Academy(RVA) if you would like to look it up sometime. He seems to really like it there and is doing well. Of course, we miss him very much but we realize what a blessing it is to have this school available for him to go to.suzie

This is Westervelt Dorm where Zach is staying. It is for 9th and 10th graders.

Isn't this view beautiful?!

Zach in computer lab where he will hopefully be sending a lot of emails to his family and friends.

Zach's room in Westervelt Dorm. His roommate is named Sami.

These are the Westervelt guys before they go out on a hike. The man they are holding up is Nathan Reincheld their Dorm Dad.