Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Don't stop praying

A couple of blogs back I wrote about how God had been answering our prayers concerning our power and water situation. That doesn't mean you can stop praying about those things though. Monday our power was off for 13 1/2 hours, boy that sure was a long day. Today, we have a volunteer team coming and the power went off about one hour ago. Please pray that it will not be an all day outage like the other day. I have called our power company and they said that they were doing maintenance work which usually means all day, but hey, prayer can make them move faster, right?

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Daniel's Wife Lee Ann said...

Sorry to hear about your power outages. There are a lot of prayers going up for y'all. I am here because we (team wives) are wondering if your volunteer team has come in yet.

God Bless. Hope to hear back soon.