Friday, June 6, 2008

Women's Meetings

Thursdays are the day that every women's group meets from various churches and Baptists are no different. They even wear a uniform of a white head covering, a purple blouse, and a navy blue skirt. So as you go along the road you can see women in a sea of colors going to their meetings. I'm going to two different churches now but we start off the same in each one. We always sing some choruses together, we sing the "Women's Song," and we say together 1 Cor. 3:9 then we pray. At Silver Rest Baptist Church I taught the story on the Good Shepherd to 12 women who by the way were all waiting on me today. I usually have to wait for all of them to get there so it was exciting to see their eagerness to come and learn. I asked Amai Tembo if she had been having any more dreams and she had not, so thank you to those who prayed(see previous blog). After finishing with them I went on to Chainda II Baptist Church. Here I taught the story of Cornelius in the book of Acts. We talked about how we can reach out to our families and neighbors to share Christ with them-reaching their circle of influence. Also, the mother with the little girl, Loveness, was not there. I asked about her and the women told me that the child was doing a bit better but was still sick. When the mother took Loveness back to the clinic the doctor just gave her tylenol. Please continue to pray for this child to heal.

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