Thursday, June 26, 2008

Volunteer Team

Today, Kevin left Chongwe with 4 volunteers from the state of Arkansas. They will be traveling by car for about 2 1/2 hours and then by boat for about 20-30 min. They are going to try to start two churches along the Lunsemfwa River where we did the feeding project a few months ago. After they arrive they will put the boat together. Then Kevin will have to make several trips by boat to get these four guys, two translators, their back packs, and a little bit of food to the first location that they will be staying at for 4 days. This will probably be the toughest trip that Kevin has ever taken any of our volunteers on. "Why is that?" you may ask. Remember, we went there and gave out 2 bags of mealie meal to 100 families a few months ago because of flooding that had ruined their crops. These bags are all finished now. The people replanted along the river but the crops will not be in until July so they are in hunger once again. The team has brought MRE's to eat for lunch while they are out doing hut to hut evangelism but at night they will be eating whatever these people can provide, which may not be much of anything. Kevin did take a few things but because of space could not take that much. They are also going to be sleeping on the ground. Some of them brought those one man mosquito netting tents that they will set up under an open air rondoval. They will be drinking water taken directly from the river and then filtered through this little hand held filtering system that someone gave us. On Sunday afternoon they will pack up and get back on the boat and go back to where the truck is parked and have a crusade at that location for two nights. They will be doing hut to hut evangelism during the day and showing the Jesus film at night in both locations.
Prayer Requests:
1-Each of these men left their families in the states. Please pray for their families back in the states to not worry and to trust that God is going to take care of their husband/father.
2-Pray for physical strength and endurance for this team. They will be walking a lot, eating little, and probably will not be sleeping comfortably.
3-Pray for good health for the team as they eat little and drink from the river.
4-Pray that the team will clearly communicate the gospel to many people and that they will hear it with open ears and hearts for the first time. Pray many will come to see the Jesus Film and that many will receive Christ.
5-Pray that two churches will be started as a result of these men taking time out of their lives to come and volunteer in Zambia.
6-Pray for their safety. There are crocodiles and hippos in this water. They are also a long way from any medical care. Pray for God's protection among all these on this team.

These are the 4 men that came all the way from the States to Zambia to tell people about Jesus. Their names from left to right are: David, Daniel, Terry, and Jimmy.


Ashley Paige said...

Terry is my dad and I am praying for him constantly!!! I miss him SO MUCH and I am ready for him to come home BUT I know God is using him and everyone else to start something Heavenly!!!

thethackers said...

Terry is my husbandand I too am praying for him and all the men who have gone out in the bush. I know they are doing a wonderful job spreading the gospel. I miss them very much and sodoes our Church family.

MrsGgg said...

Well, none of the 4 men are my daddy or husband, but I know them. I am a member of the church with Bro. Jimmy, and Carey Baptist Association. I know that these are all strong men of God, thrilled to have the opportunity to witness to anyone, anywhere. I pray for strength and success in leading many there to our Lord. And I am sure, by the time the team comes home, we will hear reports of some Africans in Zambia, along the Lunsemfwa River, using the phrase, "Praise the Holy Name of Jesus!"

LarryG said...

It is my prayer that the breathe of God will carry you and sustain you while on this missionary journey to win more souls for the glorious Kingdom.... "His Word will not come back void."

Daniel's Wife Lee Ann said...

What a blessing it is to see people who care for these guys! Thanks so much for posting the picture of the 4 men. My daughter Jordis woke up this morning a little clingy and wasn't acting like her chipper self. I showed her the picture of Daddy, Bro David, Bro Terry, and Bro Jimmy and her face lit up. It really helped her to see Daddy happy and well in Africa. She's been in an awesome mood ever since. I miss Daniel so much, but I wouldn't want him to be anywhere else but where God has sent him. He as well as the others have a great faith that encourages me to be patient, I know that they love the Lord, they care about the lost, and they want to help our brothers and sisters in need. It is an honor for them to be there with Kevin and his family. This knowledge along with the strength of our Mighty God has given me "peace that passes all understanding."
Suzie, we are praying for you and Kevin and your kids as well. Blessings and prayers to you! :-)