Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kenya to Kaoma

After being at Turtle Bay for a few days we traveled back to Nairobi and spent the night and on Friday went to RVA. While we were there we had to show Justin around campus, get him a student bank acct., register him for classes, and get him moved into his dorm room. We finally finished around 5:00pm and so Kevin and I said our good-byes. I cried all the way back to Nairobi. I guess it isn't every easy to say bye to your children but as we drove off memories just flooded my mind of these two little boys who are now so grown up. Where did all the time go? When did they grow up right before my eyes? Many people wonder how in the world we can let our children go off to boarding school. Every time they go I wonder the same thing as well. It wasn't an easy decision and one that wasn't made without much prayer and guidance. Zach has had a great experience there and we pray Justin will too. There are just so many more opportunities for them there for sports, music, art, friends, and education. We have been very pleased with the school so far. Please pray for Zach in his senior year that he will make lots of memories, finish well, have wisdom about which college to attend, and grow in his relationship with God. Pray for Justin that he will make wise choices in friends, do well in all of his classes and apply himself, adjust to living at boarding school, grow closer to God, and his top request for today is that they will have warm water in the showers! So far for the last 5 days he has only had cold water. Hopefully, they will fix that problem today.
Anyway, after we left RVA we traveled back to a guest house in Nairobi and then flew out the next morning. We arrived in Lusaka at 12:00 and then drove about 4 hours West to Kaoma to pick up Hannah. It was weird to wake up in Kenya and then go to sleep that night in a little rural town called Kaoma. While we were gone the whole week Hannah stayed with her good friend Evie Smith. We were able to spend the night with the Smiths and go to church with them the next day. After church and lunch we traveled back home, finally arriving at 9:30 pm. It was so weird coming in the house and Zach and Justin not being with us. Please pray for us as we deal with the boys being gone.

Westervelt Dorm
This is where Justin is staying. He is in the same room that Zach was in his first year there too.

Justin's side of the room. We didn't get to meet Justin's roommate while we were there. Please pray that Justin and Andrew will get along well and become good friends.

Kevin and Justin outside of Westervelt.

Zach in his room. You will notice Zach's room is quite a bit bigger and nicer than Justin's. Zach will be rooming with Kevin K. again. We are so thankful for their friendship.

me, zach, and kevin outside of Chui.

This is Justin, Caleb(from Zambia), and Zach. Caleb and Zach are good friends.

Justin and Zach together in Justin's room.

On our way to Kaoma we had to drive through a game park. It was so exciting to see animals along the way.

This elephant was right beside the road.

This is the Smith family living in Kaoma.
Mike and Amy with their two children Tyler and Evie.
Hannah even did her first week of school while there. We really appreciate them letting Hannah come and stay with them.

Hannah and Evie saying bye to each other.

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Tim and Lee Shaw said...

Your boys look great. RVA is such a great place. The RIGHT place. But, we've been remembering y'all this week.

Hannaha and Evie...what a pair!