Thursday, April 8, 2010

Livingston trip- part 2

Tues. morning we got up and headed out to find some adventure for our two boys. They both have birthdays coming up soon and they won't be here at the time so we thought we would give them something special. We went to this place where you could do these next 3 activities. First, they did the Flying Fox. They got to do this twice.

First they had to get harnessed in.

A cable goes across the gorge 135 meters long and about 100 meters above the ground. A full body harness is attached securely from your back to the cable and then you take a running dive off the edge of the cliff.
Justin quickly volunteered to go first. He certainly is our little daredevil.

Here Zach is having one of his turns. If you could reach the other side of the gorge your ride was free. Both Zach and Justin tried to reach the other side but couldn't make it. They looked like they got pretty close though.

Hannah kept saying that she wanted to try this too but it cost quite a bit and we didn't think she would go through with it. After seeing the boys do it the man in charge said that she could do it for free if she wanted to. So, she decided that she did want to try it. I can't believe I let her do this!(sorry mama, I know you are freaking out!)

Can you see the fear on her face?? She said she was so afraid but she just did it anyway. In fact, she did it twice! I told her I didn't ever want to hear her say, "I can't ....." anymore.

She ran down the ramp and flew like superwoman across the gorge.

I am so proud of her!

The second thing they got to do was to repel down a 54 meter cliff face first!
Justin did great on this. It seemed like he had been doing this his whole life.

Zach decided to go face first too. He also did great. Here he is posing for a pic.
After they repelled down they had to hike out of the gorge which took about 15 min. It probably would have taken me at least 30 min. to get out of there.

Lastly, the boys did the gorge swing. This was done by some of the participants on the Amazing Race on one episode. It is a 160 foot free fall in 3 1/2 seconds. A website said you can get up to 180 kms/hr on this.
Who in the world could just step off into this gorge and swing across it like this? My two boys sure could and they loved it! Believe me, they did not take after me!

After they stopped swinging they were lowered to that green mat on the ground. I know you can't see anyone down there but I wanted you to see just how deep this gorge was. I still can't believe I let them do this!

They just stepped off and dropped in 3 1/2 seconds and then swung across the gorge.

Here is Zach swinging across the gorge.

On Justin's second try he decided to go off backwards!

They both said that the gorge swing was their favorite out of all the 3 things they got to do.
Happy Birthday!

After our adventurous morning we went to one of our favorite places to eat at in Livingston, The Funky Munky. It has the best pizza in Zambia. I love how they cook in this big oven right on the stone.

It was delicious!

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