Saturday, April 24, 2010

Random Pics. from this past month

Zach and Justin just went back to RVA today. There flight was delayed a bit so they were able to come back out and eat lunch with us at the airport. The bad thing was that it meant two good-byes. We are so thankful for the month we had together as a family but it always goes by too fast. This time was especially hard as they left because this was Zach's last time here. I imagine he won't come back for a couple of years and then just to visit since he will be graduating high school and starting college soon. This has been his home since he was 5 years old. He came a little boy and he leaves a man. We are so proud of both of our boys. Please pray for them as they study and learn at school and that they would have a good term and finish well. These are just random pics. from this past month.
Zach surfing down the water slide at Adventure City.

Playing soccer with the kids at the seminary.

Sunday afternoon we had some free time during 40/40 so I took the kids along with two of their friends, KB and Luke, to Chongwe so they could see where we live. We weren't there long but we did get to take them down to the river for a little while.
Hannah at the river.

Zach leading the 40/40 group in worship.

One day the Vines came over for some water balloon fun with lots of video and pic. taking. Here are some pics. from the day. These are pretty cool pics. I think. Good job, Lesley!

This one Kenny and Zach were on top of the house. Kenny was supposed to drop the balloon on Justins head and Zach was supposed to video it. Every time the balloon went in front of Justin. It was hiliarius.

I love this pic.. I am just jealous that I didn't get to throw it.

Justin is holding a mug he made at school which is very creative. It is in the shape of his initials, JR. It even has a handle and a straw. Yes, it is a little big!

We planted this orange tree back in 2005. Here is Justin picking our very first orange this past week.

Zach letting Tyler play his guitar.

Kevin, Zach, and Justin

Hannah giving Zach a foot massage. She loves it when her big brothers are home!