Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chipata Compound

Chipata Baptist Church

This is the area beside the church, within the property.
These ladies fixed our lunch after church.  We had chicken, nshima, cabbage, and kapenta.  Kapenta are small whole dried fish.  This is one of Kevin's favorites.  So glad he could enjoy that by himself.

You'll find little girls carrying babies on their back all the time.
The road in this compound is just chaotic. Cars, minibuses, trucks fill the road along with lots and lots of people. These 3 guys were pushing their car right in front of us. They were just smiling at people as they pushed like they were in a parade. As you can imagine it took us a while to get around them in this traffic.

All along the side of the road are many shops and stands where people are selling food, charcoal, and just about anything else you may need. This woman had been selling roasted corn.
Above and below are pictures right in front of the church.

We have a volunteer team coming to work in this area the first week of April. Please pray that God will be preparing the hearts of these people between now and then to hear the gospel and respond.

Since we had a bit of time before church started I went across the street and talked to some of the women in the market.

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