Thursday, January 19, 2012


When we first came to Zambia back in 1997 one of the first things we became aware of was the lack of bookstores or libraries.  Where were we going to buy our books from for those two years?  This was a big problem since we all like to read.  The solution at that time was that whenever we would go to South Africa we could visit lots of bookstores, buy used books, or go to a Christian bookstore which was my favorite.  Over the past 14 years, Lusaka has become a bit more modern and has several bookstores now.  Still waiting on some Christian bookstores though.  The problem is that the books are just expensive since they come from SA.  Sometimes books may be at least double what they would be in the US so as you can imagine we don't buy many new books here.  For Christmas, Kevin got me a Kindle Fire.  Let me just say that the one who invented the kindle really came up with something great.  I'm sure in America where there are a lot of bookstores or libraries in every city or the fact that you can order from Amazon or other places and have it sent directly to your home it may not seem so great.  However, in a third world country where there are a lack of books or they are expensive and companies from the US will not ship to you, a kindle is a great invention.  Of course, internet is not as fast here as in the US either but so far we haven't had a problem downloading anything.  So, on behalf of missionaries and others who love to read who live in far off places I just want to thank Amazon for inventing the Kindle.

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rsctt603 said...

I hope that it is a blessing to you, Thank you for your service to HIM!
My nephew has a company that sells Kindle covers, and then donates a portion of the cost to places like Zambia through an Non Profit that provides the