Sunday, January 22, 2012


 This past weekend we went to visit Daniel and Grace Kim in Kitwe.  Kitwe is a pretty large city in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia.  The Kims have been serving there since 2000.  They have mostly been focusing on the rural areas around Kitwe all these years but this year they are trying to focus some on the city.  While we were visiting them Daniel taught at his first bible school in Kitwe on Saturday.  He was only expecting 10 to come but there were 21 instead.  Pray for Daniel as he continues to meet with these people in bible school every other week throughout the year.  Pray for the students to be teachable and that they would take all that they learn and apply it to their lives.
Kevin met with the leaders of the churches on Saturday.  It was a great time for Kevin to hear from them and get to know them better.

 Grace and Daniel

Please pray for Grace as she ministers to women and as she goes out with Daniel doing personal evangelism and training.  She is a great helpmate to Daniel and a very godly woman. Their two sons are both in California finished with school and working at this time.  Pray for this family as they are apart from one another.  It can be very difficult to not see each other for several years.  So thankful for skype!

 We were able to go to Kitwe Central Baptist Church while we were there.  It was a beautiful time of worship with several choirs!

 Kevin preached

This picture was taken after the service as people were shaking hands leaving the church.

We are so thankful for the Kims and their ministry in this huge area for all these years.  There have been a couple of other families which have also served there several years ago.  Now, the Kims are the only imb family there.  Please pray for someone to be able to go and join them in this work.

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