Tuesday, December 15, 2015


North of Lusaka, Kabangwe Baptist Church meets each Sunday with about 150 church members.  Many of these are kids who all sit together in church with an usher assigned to that area to try to keep them quiet.  Men sit on the left and women sit on the right each week.  The church is small and has  a tin roof which makes it very hot with that many people in it.  Then add singing, dancing, choirs, and a microphone it can be quite loud as well.  This past Sunday we were invited to go to Kabangwe Baptist Church.  When we got to the church we then walked 2 ½ kms to the river so Kevin could help baptize the 18 people who had prayed to receive Christ this past year.  Zambians are generally scared of the water because most of them do not know how to swim.  As they timidly walk out to meet Kevin in the water the church stands on the bank and sings choruses.  One by one, Kevin baptizes these new believers.  

We then walked back to the church in the hot sun.  As soon as we get back to the church we go into the church and begin worship.  Kevin preaches the main message on the Lord’s Supper and then we partake of it as well.  They ran out of communion cups so I gave Kevin mine so he could proceed.  After those who had had the cups drank they collected them quickly and then filled them right back up.  Then passed them back out to those who didn’t get it the first time.  As we exited the church we shook hands with everyone there and they continued on until a big circle was made.  We then joined hands and sang the Baptist anthem.  It was a long day but so very worth it to be able to rejoice with these believers as they were obedient to follow Christ in baptism.

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