Saturday, December 5, 2015

Day of Prayer Day 7

Training the next generation in the Philippines


When someone shouted, “Your uncle is coming,” everyone in the Philippine village knew it was the secret code that really meant “run and hide.” Neighbors disappeared into small concrete homes until IMB missionaries Dave and Ivette Daggett had come and gone.
A few, including curious children and teenagers, stuck around to hear what the foreigners had to say.
The Daggetts led Bible studies, and some youth came against their parents’ wishes.
Now, 11 years later, a church meets here, led by some of the same children and youth who met with the Daggetts years ago. They have even seen God use them to help start several Deaf churches.
“It’s the younger ones who have stepped up in leadership,” Dave said. “They share the gospel and are going with us to evangelize in other areas.”
Through weekly training sessions and Bible studies, Dave and Ivette continue discipling youth in the Philippines to go out and train others to lead. They give them opportunities to lead and to share their faith through events such as medical and dental clinics, anti-smoking and dental hygiene seminars, and True Love Waits seminars.
“The more fruit we see, the more joy we have,” Dave said. “We don’t want to slow down or hold back.”


» Pray young leaders will grow in their faith and disciple more youth who are ready to become leaders.
» Pray the Daggetts will see more churches, including Deaf churches, started in the Philippines.

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