Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Why I go...

 Today I went with my friend Rose to visit a patient named Joyce.

 Joyce is 40 years old and is HIV positive.  She doesn't want to eat or drink anything because she says she has lost her appetite and it hurts her throat.  She has diarrhea and some vomiting probably because of the medicine she is taking.  She was so excited to receive the BGR bucket.  She kept rubbing one of the face cloths to her face and touching the sheets.  
Joyce has never been a church goer.  Today as I shared the gospel and a bit of my testimony she said that nothing like that had ever happened to her.  She had never repented of her sins but that she wanted to today.  In her hoarse voice she prayed and repented of her sins.  I'm sure it was music to HIS ears!

 She has 6 children and this is her youngest with her baby doll.
When she saw that there were nail clippers in the bucket she said she needed hers cut because they were so long.  Her friend cut them for her.  
I'm praying she will sleep well tonight on her new sheets after she gets all cleaned up and that she will eat her food.  Will you join me in praying for Joyce?

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