Thursday, December 3, 2015

Week of Prayer Day 5

Church takes gospel to unreached in Southeast Asia

Old Town Baptist Church had no idea their prayers to take the gospel to an unreached people group would lead them from North Carolina to remote Southeast Asia villages.
The church already participated in international missions by going on missions trips and supporting missionaries by giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.
But knowing billions without hope in Christ is intolerable, they wanted to do more.
“We have an ongoing commitment to supporting the missions offering,” said Mark Harrison, Old Town missions pastor. “We also have a deep commitment to come alongside our IMB partners and work with them on the ground.”
As the church prayed, God led them to the “T” people. Most are Buddhist and have never heard about Jesus.
Missionaries helped Harrison learn about the T people and Southeast Asian culture. Since then, Harrison and Old Town members have made multiple trips a year to help take the gospel to the T people.
“The T people have been very isolated for a long time and it’s difficult to get where they are,” said Harrison. “But they have welcomed us and are in the process, many of them, of beginning to understand what it means to follow Jesus.”


» Pray for the T people who are coming to faith in Jesus to stand firm in the face of opposition and persecution.
» Pray for more churches to partner with missionaries in reaching people groups who have yet to hear the gospel.

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