Sunday, June 25, 2017

Father's Day Weekend

 Happy Father's Day!  It's always a hoot to get together with my family!
I love them all so much!

 This is my Mom, Dad, and Sister with me.  It's so good to be together.

Kevin, my Dad, and Mike 

 Daddy with his two girls.

 Mike with his two girls, Michaela and Macey.


Glasses etched with animals on them from Kenya.
 So glad I got to spend time with my Dad on Father's Day this year.

 Me and my sister went shopping and ended up picking two of the same outfits!  Ha!

My 14 year old neice gave me a makeover. 

 Kevin was not able to be with his children on Father's day this year but was able to talk to each one.  I am so blessed that he is the earthly father of our children.  He is such a great Dad to Zach, Justin, and Hannah!  We are both privileged to be called Mom and Dad by these three!



Zach and his wife Megan

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