Saturday, June 10, 2017

We love the Beach!

 This past week we had the blessing of going to Tybee Island in Georgia.  We had never been there before but quickly fell in love with this little island.  The whole island is only 5 miles long. Some friends of ours own a house and graciously allowed us to stay there.  Thank you friends!!!
Zach and Megan were with us the first part of the week and then my mom and dad came the second part of the week.  This post is on the first part of the week and I'll do another post on the last part of it.

 Zach loves him some sunscreen!

 There was a beautiful lighthouse on the island.

 We would go out on the beach in the mornings and have lunch out there and then head in and get ready and go to Savanah.  We walked around like tourists and enjoyed some good meals in Savanah.

 This was a cool candy shop.  Look at all that candy on the wall!
We didn't buy any of it!  Can you believe it?

 They made taffy and then it went on this conveyer belt and dropped in to the slots.

 We were told we had to eat at Vinnie Van Go Go's. 

 It was really good pizza!

 Kevin in his new shades

Megan took some pics of us at the beach.

 We celebrated Zach's birthday while we were together too.

 Same little face he made when he was little

 Me and my 25 Year old Son!  Where have the years gone?

 We decided to go to the Melting Pot one night since we had never been before.  Zach and Megan had gone on their honeymoon and said it was really good.  
We started with a cheese fondue.

 Then we had meat, shrimp, pork, and vegetable as fondue.  Then lastly, we had a desert fondue of choc. turtle something.  It was so good!!  There wasn't any choc left when we finished!

In Savanah

 We loved eating seafood too!  The Crab Shack was one of our favorites.

 Zach enjoying his cheesecake for his birthday.

 They had aligators at the Crab Shack too.

 Tybee Island is a great place to ride bikes.  We enjoyed riding around the town and on the beach while we were there.

 We really enjoyed spending this time with Zach and Megan!  They are such a cute married couple.

You know I loved this!

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