Thursday, June 15, 2017

Week at the beach part 2

 Zach and Megan left in the morning so Kevin and I went bike riding around the island.  We had lunch down near the lighthouse. It was a lot of fun!




 My Mom and Dad got there in the afternoon.  She made me a cake and then drove with it 7 hours so we could enjoy it on my birthday!  That's a great Mom!

 It was chocolate with chocolate mousse and rasberries between the layers.
It was delicious!

 I even got presents!


We went to Savanah one day and took the trolley to tour around.

Savanah is a beautiful place.


 We had dinner at The Olde Pink House.  It was delicious!

 We were so full that we did not want any dessert.  The waiter brought this to me for my birthday.  Cool whip, rasberries, and choc. on a plate.  Yum!

 Me and my Dad outside the restaurant.

 My Mom and Dad outside The Olde Pink House.

We went to Leopold's Ice Cream Shop.   It was founded in 1919 by 3 brothers from Greece. The son to one of these brothers is now the owner of it. His name is Stratton Leopold.

 It was a long line but it went quick.
It was very good!

 Today, Stratton Leopold is an active member of the Hollywood motion picture community, serving as Producer to many films.  He has posters up in the ice cream shop from the movies he produced.

My Mom and Dad
We enjoyed walking out on the pier and on the beach.

 We enjoyed eating at the Crab Shack with them too! 
Thanks Mom and Dad for coming so far to spend time with us!

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