Saturday, March 8, 2008

Chongwe Bible School Graduation

Today was the 5th graduating class from our Chongwe Bible School. These 7 men have been coming to Bible School for the last 3 years and today they finally graduated. They have sacrificed by coming four times a year for one week at a time to study and learn from God's Word. We are very proud of all 7 of them. They will all be going back to their churches and serving God there. Please pray that these men will continue to study and learn so that they will be able to teach and train others.

In this culture it is very unusaul to see public displays of affection but these wives were very proud of their husbands.

Van Thompson was the main speaker at today's graduation. He always does a great job teaching the Word and as you can see he is very good at holding the attention of his listeners, no matter what it takes-singing, dancing, or putting on a jacket to help make a point.

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