Monday, March 17, 2008

The Good Shepherd

This past Thursday I went to meet with the women at Chainda II Baptist Church again. After our time of singing and prayer they said it was time for me to speak. I started off by asking them if they had done their homework. If you will remember from last week they were supposed to go and tell someone about Jesus by using the Creation to Christ Method. All but one of them said they had done it. As I asked each one specifically to tell me about their experience I found out that they did not do the whole Creation to Christ but had told a couple of the stories to their friends, family, and neighbors. For example, one woman told her friend about the story of creation, the fall, and the prodigal son. At first I was a little disappointed because they had not done the whole thing but I realized that they were doing the best they could after just going through it once. We will return to this method in a few weeks and have lots of practice time.

After discussing homework, I told the story of the Good Shepherd taken from John 10. Here, Jesus teaches his disciples a parable which shows us that we are safe with Jesus(assurance of salvation) and that we can always come to him in prayer. We talked about prayer for a while and I taught them 5 different things that they could pray about by using their fingers on one hand.

1- Praise God for the great God that He is.
2- Confess sin.
3-Thank God for how He is working in your life and for answering your prayers.
4-Ask God to meet the needs of other people.
5- Ask God to meet any needs in your life.

It was a good day after all. I feel so blessed to be able to go and teach these women.

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