Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Surprise Blessing

Today when I went to teach at Chainda II Baptist Church I received a surprise blessing. Over the next several months I will be going to this church when I am able, to teach a series of lessons called T4T which stands for Training for Trainers. These stories that I will be telling will teach the women how to come to Jesus, how to walk with Jesus, and how to become a church. In this particular situation I am teaching women all ready in church so my prayer is that they will take what they learn and then go teach others. The lesson I taught today was God's plan of Salvation using a storying method called Creation to Christ. So in about 20 min. I taught the women from the beginning of Genesis through the Resurrection of Christ. Well, it should take 20 min. but it took me longer. After I finished I closed with the story of the Prodigal Son and explained to them that we are all like that son at one time in our lives. We all need to come back to our Heavenly Father and receive forgiveness for our sins. I told them that if any of them wanted to do that they could talk to me afterwards. I went on to say that in a few weeks we would come back to this story and I wanted them to learn it so that they would be able to witness to their family and friends. I asked them if they thought they could do this. Well, one older woman said that she thought she could and she went on to tell me the first two parts of the story. When she stopped another woman told another part. Then before long they had shared the whole story back to me. It wasn't word for word like I told it and not even in all the right order but Praise God they were able to do it. I was so surprised because sometimes the people we teach struggle with telling it back to us. I was so proud of them and I was also proud of the woman that normally teaches them, Amai Betty Chipoba. It was obvious that these women had heard most of these stories before. At the end, I told them that just as children come home from school with homework that God had some homework for us to do as well. God wants us each to share this story with someone else. They each laughed but they committed to share with someone the best they could this story with someone next week. As we begin our lesson next week I will start off by asking them if they did their homework. It sure will be exciting to hear what God does in their lives this coming week. Please pray for these women to go out with boldness and share the gospel this week and that the people they speak to will listen with receptive hearts. Below is a picture of these women. If you would be interested in receiving a copy of Creation to Christ, send me an email at

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