Thursday, March 13, 2008

Feeding Project on the Lunsemfwa River

Early Tuesday morning a group of 4 missionaries, two children, and 3 Zambian pastors started out on an adventure to help feed 100 families by giving them each 2 bags of their staple food called mealie meal. This is what they use to make Nshima which they eat about 2 times a day. I'm sure as we started out we each had our own thoughts of what the two days would be like but this is just from my perspective. You can also look at Ricky Cook's blog to see what he has to say about the trip at

As soon as we arrived we greeted everyone and then we saw the truck coming that was carrying all the mealie meal. So, as the men were unloading the mealie meal we unloaded our trucks. Then Kevin and some of the men took the boat down to the river to put it together. We decided not to set up camp right away because when we got there one of the pastors told us that the people on our side of the river would walk to collect theirs so that they wouldn't have to take theirs back across the river in a dug out canoe. We were thinking at the time that we might finish earlier than expected and not have to spend the night. However, as the day progressed we realized that was not going to happen because we had thought it would take about 20 min. there, offload, and then 20 min. back to take the food down the river but instead it took almost one hour each time. So those left in camp began to put up the tents. We had 4 Zambian men that carried the mealie meal down the hill to where Kevin was in the boat. They then loaded it in and he would start off down the river.

On the first trip over, Kevin took Ricky Cook and Pastor Luke Buleya to the drop off point so that they could share the gospel with those coming to receive the food.

Before the people received their mealie meal Ricky and Luke shared their testimonies and the gospel. About 30 people prayed to receive Christ.

Here are some children watching for the boat to come.

At the same time that one team was on one end preaching, there was another team on the camp side sharing the gospel too. Van Thompson shared the gospel with about 50 people and 7 prayed to receive Christ. It could have been more because I noticed that when they were praying after Van, several of the women sitting near me were praying also.

The next day Van, Ricky, and Luke went to visit the chief and several prayed there to receive Christ as well.

After hearing the gospel their name was called out and they came up to receive their bag of mealie meal. It was exciting to see their happy faces. They knew that the next day they would be eating Nshima which is what they use the mealie meal to make.

Here are just some random pictures from our trip.

Here was our lunch one day. It sure was a lot of bowls!

Our camp for two days.

This is the view from our camp. Isn't it beautiful?

Hannah lounging on the rocks.

After Kevin's last trip he took Hannah and Justin for a short ride. This was Hannah's first time in the boat and she loved it!

Well, Kevin made his last trip down the river delivering all the mealie meal except for just a few bags because our fuel ran out. The ones remaining came back on the boat with him and they carried theirs on their heads many many kilometers, but they won't complain because they are so happy that they will be eating nshima the next day. Now, it is time to pack up the tents, clean the boat and take it apart, and head home down a bumpy, dirt road for 1 1/2 hours and then another 1 1/2 hours on a pretty good paved road. We are all tired, dirty, sweaty, and most of us have sore muscles... but in our hearts we feel good because of how the Lord has used us to help so many that were hungry. Please pray that these people along the river will have great second crops, and that the mealie meal they received will be just enough to last until their new crops are ready.

Ricky and Deacon Luke Mwila carrying the motor up the hill to the truck.

Look how high the grass is on the road we were driving on.

"Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for men, for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things."

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