Friday, April 18, 2008

Called to Follow and Fish

This week at Chainda II Baptist Church I taught the story from Mark 1:14-20 about Jesus calling Simon and Andrew then James and John, to follow Him. These were fishermen and probably not well educated yet Christ chose them. What does God want us to obey from this story? He wants us to follow Christ which means we need to love, serve, and obey Him no matter what. He also wants us to fish for men too. God wants to use Christians to share the good news with people who do not know Him yet. Will you choose to be a faithful witness for Jesus?
This past summer a volunteer team came and brought some homemade hand bags to carry your bible in and wanted me to give them to some women. Today, I gave them out to these women. They were so excited! As I was passing them out they started singing a song about praising God and how God blesses them. Then they started standing up and putting it on their shoulder walking around strutting their stuff as they continued to sing. When they finally finished and it was quiet again, I told them to look inside because they had not noticed that there were things inside. Then they really got excited. They usually carry their bibles to church in a plastic bag. One woman said she was going to throw her plastic bag in the fire because now she had a nice bag to carry her bible in. A big thanks to the women that worked so hard to make those bags!

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