Friday, April 25, 2008


40/40 is the semi-annual orientation program for new missionaries that we are now leading. A group of 41 arrived on Wednesday and have hit the ground running. They will be learning a lot, and we ask that you would pray for each one of them that the Lord would use this time in their lives to prepare them for the ministry to which he has called them. Also pray for us as we lead them and care for them over these next few weeks. Pray also for Jack and Judy Sprayberry and Mark and Janice Keeton who are our logistics coordinators for this program. They have the mammoth task of feeding, housing, and caring for each of our 41 participants in a variety of situations and locations. We will try to keep you updated, when we have access to email, and let you know how things are going. Right now one of our big requests is for Ebby Musika. Ebby is my assistant and also our resident cultural expert. He is the one who does most of the cultural orientation and helps me on a day to day basis as we run the program. Ebby contacted me right before we started on Wed. to let me know he was having some health problems. It seems that he has developed high blood pressure and has had a minor stroke. He feels fine, but has paralysis on one side of his face and will probably not be recovered in time to do much of the things he needs to do. Pray for him that he would fully recover and that the Lord would sustain him during this time of healing and recovery. Pray for me as I try to flex and cover his responsibilities as well. We are grateful for all of you and the ministry you have in our lives.
I'll try to update you on how things are going and add some pictures later.

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