Thursday, May 1, 2008

Children visiting Urban Areas

When I mentioned that we had 41 participants here at 40/40 I failed to mention that 14 of those are children ranging from 1-13. While their parents are out learning about culture the children are in school. They study their own Math and English that they have brought with them. We have a time to study Science, which this time is a study on Insects and Butterflies. Then we also have a time of cultural learning for them also. Yesterday we took the older mk's to a local market and had them bargain to buy something that they wanted. They also bought some fruit, frita's, and one ear of roasted corn. This was a new experience for most of them but they all did great and got some good deals. They got to watch women braiding hair, learned how to knit, and saw women cooking nshima(their staple food). They experienced all the smells of a market too. Today, we all walked over to one of the seminary students house so that they could see how they lived. They had a tour of their house, we played games, sang a song, and tried some Zambian food. They ate Zambian sweet potatoes and then some chunks of sweet potatoes with pounded groundnuts(peanuts) which was kind of like peanut butter. I think this was their favorite. It is exciting to see these children experience a new culture and embrace it. Please pray for these children as they continue to learn and adjust.
This is all the older kids that went. The preschoolers stayed as long as their attention spans could handle it. Janet Buchanan is pictured in this picture. She came from the states as a volunteer to help teach the children. This is Musuka's family with them also.

This game is called nsholo. They dig little holes in the ground and use stones to play.

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