Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Growing up-Justin

This past year Justin and Kevin saw this huge rock while they were traveling and decided that during 40/40 they would try to slip away one day and go climb it. They had to go see the villiage headman to get his permission and get it all set up. An older man went along with Kevin and Justin as a guide since he knew this rock so well. This rock is a lot bigger than it appears in the picture and there were several places where they were just free climbing. They got to one point and this man who is just a little taller than Justin told him, "just imagine." Justin let go and this man just lifted him over this one tough spot. Kevin got to this same point but when he said, "just imagine," Kevin had to say that he just couldn't imagine this little man lifting him up over the rock. Kevin told the man to go ahead with Justin and that he would wait for them. Justin said this was the most exciting experience that he has ever had but at the same time it was the most afraid that he had ever been. I sure am glad that I didn't know how dangerous this exhibition was really going to be because I may have put a stop to it. I think Justin really grew up through this whole experience and passed from a boy to becoming a man.

Believe it or not, this is Justin when he was two years old. He sure has grown up over the last 11 years.

Here is Justin again at two with our puppy at that time. I can't believe he just turned 13 in April.

From left to right: Zach, Bruce(neighbor in Lusaka), and Justin.

What an accomplishment to reach the top!

View from on top of the rock.

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