Saturday, May 3, 2008

40/40 continues

Well, our Urban time of 40/40 is about to finish and we will head to the rural part of the orientation program. We have been in Lusaka for 12 days and learned a lot about Urban Africa. Tomorrow morning we will all be traveling to Petauke. We will sleep in tents for about 11 days and then the participants will be living in a Zambian's home for 3 nights. Please keep them in your prayers as they will be out of their comfort zones and stretched like never before.

Our Strategy Associate, David Hooten, helped to debrief the participants after they had been out learning about the medical care that is available to Zambians.

Scott taking a little nap up in a tree. Doesn't look to comfortable to me...

Becky playing an African game with her son Deke.

Vocal Collection, a Zambian Accapella group, came to sing for us one afternoon.

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Heather said...

LOVED all the pictures and videos!